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The Caribe A.M Show

The CaribeAM show is a bit of intellect mixed with some humour and topped off with tropical and Caribbean music every weekday morning from 8-10. Hosted by Charlie, the Tropixx show boasts a steady fan base of creative listeners who enjoy a wide range of topics of everything from road rage to motherhood and everything in between.


Picture this! It’s early in the morning, you want something different, so you turn on the radio! Everything else is good, but you want something ELSE. You flip through the stations and land on something you’ve never heard before! Welcome to Tropixx 105.5 FM, the home of the CaribeAM Show!

Now, look at you, happy you tuned in! While you’re here, listen to the sweet sounds of the Caribbean; get updates on the local news, weather and events; all while being entertained by Charlie. Not one to handhold, or shy away from controversy, the Caribe AM show is definitely a new way to start your day. At this point, you’re hooked, so might as well keep it locked

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