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Woman Who Dance With Omah Lay On Stage Apologize To Boyfriend

Written by on February 27, 2024

(Urban Islandz) – The woman who went viral for dancing with Nigerian artist Omah Lay on stage while her boyfriend looked on in the audience has broken her silence and issued an apology. Last week, a woman named Jessani received backlash on social media after a video showed her dancing with Omah Lay on stage in a very sexually provocative way that left her boyfriend leaving the show embarrassed.

Folks reacted to the video with mixed feelings, with most people saying she was a terrible girlfriend for obliging the singer’s request to come on stage, knowing that she was at the event with her boyfriend. Others think that she did no harm by just dancing with the singer.

Jessani has now responded to the criticism in a video shared on TikTok. “I thought I would do a story time and tell my side of the story because the amount of hate that I am getting; I am getting called all type of things that I never even heard before,” she said.

“It’s getting a bit silly and I keep feeling like wow. So I just want to explain myself and address a few rumors as well. But, obviously before that aside I want to publicly apologize to him [her boyfriend]. Obviously me and him have had private conversations and we spoke, but since it was public I think the right thing for me to do is to publicly apologize to him like that was bad.”

“It was honestly a mistake; like if I knew this would like this would go this far I wouldn’t even go to the concert, because this does not worth the hate I am receiving,” Jessani continues while addressing some folks she said who are mixing up her name.

She also responds to critics who say her boyfriend was the one who bought the concert tickets, which makes it even more of a disrespect. “Who said he was the one who bought the concert tickets? Because I was the one who bought the tickets because we’re young and so I thought this was a good thing to do,” she claps back.

In the meantime, Omah Lay gave Jessani a shout-out in a video filmed by a fan who called her “Fafa.” “Fafa, that’s her name? Fafa, I love you,” Lay said.

The woman’s boyfriend has not made any public statement on the matter. He chooses to remain anonymous except for a video showing him in a somber mood leaving the concert venue.

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